Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules for what will be approved?

Here are the rules:
  • Anyone can ask any (appropriate and respectful) question. If you are not Christian or not Reformed, we would love to receive your questions also!
  • Only answers that align with our Confession of Faith will be approved.
  • Any comment that is appropriate, respectful, and meaningful will be approved. This includes comments that question or challenge answers, since these kinds of questions and challenges should drive good discussion.

Who created and maintains ApologeticsHub?

ApologeticsHub was created and is maintained by Michael Cheng, who is a member of Grace Family Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. He believes the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith is a good summary of the Bible's teachings.

Why did you create ApologeticsHub?

I created ApologeticsHub for several reasons:
  • I enjoy writing JavaScript, and I wanted to use my JavaScript skills to build something for the glory of God.
  • I wanted to build something that would be as customizable as I wanted it to be. Because of this, ApologeticsHub does not have any of the constraints that other apps might have—we can build it to do whatever we would like it to do!

Is ApologeticsHub only about apologetics?

No. ApologeticsHub is meant to be a resource for anything related to Christianity. The name was chosen because
  • the domain was available
  • answers about anything related to Christianity is related to apologetics
  • apologetics, or giving the reason we have for our faith, is an easily graspable concept that will hopefully drive engagement with the app

What makes ApologeticsHub different?

ApologeticsHub is not meant to be a replacement for other websites that may do particular things more effectively. Below are several things that I believe are unique about ApologeticsHub. ApologeticsHub:
  • provides an effective way to tag and categorize questions, answers, and discussions for easier searching (unlike Facebook threads)
  • is confessional and Reformed in theology (unlike some other apologetics/answers websites)
  • is meant to be interactive, engaging, and crowdsourced, in order to reach a broader group of people

Why are there two statements of faith?

While Michael holds to the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith, he also has tremendous respect for the Westminster Confession of Faith. He would love for both Baptists and Presbyterians to contribute to building up the content of ApologeticsHub, so that its content can be useful for as many people as possible.

Why does everything have to be approved?

There are lots of people on the Internet who would post inappropriate content, and there are lots of people who might post theologically inaccurate content and thus dilute the quality of our database of answers. So, to ensure quality and safe content, everything must be approved.

If you become a trusted contributor, you may be made a moderator whose content does not need to be approved and who can approve the content of other users.

How do I become a moderator?

Simply continue performing actions on ApologeticsHub, and if I have confidence that you would be a trustworthy moderator, I will make you a moderator. Oh, and make sure you fill out your profile information, so I know more about you :).

Why can anyone edit questions and answers?

One goal of ApologeticsHub is to be a comprehensive wiki of the best questions and answers, so anyone can edit questions and answers to improve their quality. The purpose of editing other people's questions and answers is to fix typos, improve syntax, clarify, add helpful information, etc.